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Spa at Home

Spa at Home

A spa treatment is a great way to renew and replenish the body and mind.  Creating your own spa treatment at home allows you to do a treatment at a time convenient for you.

Edna’s Spa at Home Kit contains:

Himalayan Bath Salts, 8 oz.

Ocean Mint Mask, 2 oz.

Vitone Bath and Body Oil, 8 oz.

Foot Cream, 8 oz.

Each Kit comes with full instructions on how to do a full 45 minute treatment and a recipe for a delicious Spa Water.

Rejuvenate in Himalayan Salts 

Himalayan salt is millions of years old and pure, untouched by many of the toxins and pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt.  Soaking in a bath containing Edna’s course Himalayan Salt will balance the skin’s PH, making it very soft.  Other benefits include increased circulation, decreased blood pressure, ease rashes, eczema & psoriasis, improve old scars, rest tired muscles and in general promote relaxation.


Repair with Ocean Mint Mask

Ocean Mint Mask tightens and firms your skin while cleaning out the pores.  The cool tingling sensation of Mint promotes circulation which pulls all of the enzymes and nutrients from the Ocean Kelp down into the cells, feeding them and helping them to breath which keeps your skin elastic.  Plus, this mask doesn’t harden on the skin,  it stays soft  and  is so gentle that you can actually put it over your eye lids and lips.  (Where we girls over 30 need firming the most.)   This mask is a hydrating mask and also promotes quick healing.


Replenish with Vitone Oil

Vitone Oil is a healing Bath & Body Oil with essential oils Jasmine & Lavender to promote relaxation and healthy skin.  You can pour it right into the bath, spritz a little on after a shower or use it as a massage oil and this light, quick absorbing oil will give you immediate relief for dry skin that lasts for days.  Massaging your own body is a wonderful way to increase circulation (especially the nerve endings).   Self-Massage also tones the muscles, lubricates the joints, can increase mental alertness, improves elimination from the cells, creates smoother skin and results in deeper sleep at night and increased alertness during the day. 


Revitalize with Foot Cream

Foot Cream soothes and comforts your tired, aching feet with Mint Essential Oil. Mint improves circulation and fights fungus.  Each gentle massage with Foot Cream helps to soften and repair uncomfortable calluses and cracked heels.   It’s actually the steric acid which heals cracks in the feet and beeswax seals in moisture for a long lasting hydration treatment.  A foot massage stimulates and relaxes  jangled nerves, but it also helps to tone and stimulate the entire system.  The foot contains nerves that attach to every part of the body.  Massaging the feet each night enhances immunity and brings harmony to all of the body systems.


Himalayan Bath Salts: Himalayan Bath | Ocean Mint Mask: Barley Flour, Ocean Kelp, Irish Moss, Purified Water, Zinc Oxide, Glycerin, Essential Mint Oil, Green Mineral Color| Vitone Oil: Light Cosmetic Oil, Safflower Oil. Essential Oils: Jasmine, Lavender, Lilac| Foot Cream: Steric Acid, Beeswax, Light Cosmetic Oil, Purified Water, Essential Oils: Mint & Lavender
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