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I've been using EDNA products for over 20 years. It's hard to choose a favorite because they're so nice — I will say that the cleansing cream and the daily moisturizer are my go-to favorites.
I'm 64 and get compliments about my skin all the time, I tell them 'EDNA'!

- Ramona

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Over one million wrinkles stopped!

Meet the EDNA team! Their radiant smiles reflect our dedication to understanding your unique skin care needs and offering empathetic, effective solutions. With EDNA, you're family.

Nestled in Reno-Sparks, Nevada

EDNA has been a sanctuary of skincare, understanding and solutions since 1986. We empathize with your struggles, the afternoon dryness, the daunting array of products— because we've been there too.

With cherished formulas dating back to 1932, we've helped tens of thousands of customers, just like you, to rediscover their ageless beauty, eradicating over a million wrinkles in the process. Many have been with us for over 50 years, becoming part of our family. They are a testament to our old-fashioned approach of putting your skin needs first.

At EDNA, we offer more than just skincare products. We offer understanding, commitment, and a timeless experience that makes you feel truly seen and cared for.

Defying Age: Unveiling the Secret to Their Youthful Glow!

Behold five radiant women, their vibrant smiles and glowing skin defying the passage of time. The vitality and youthful allure they exude bear little testament to their age, portraying a timeless beauty that speaks volumes about their skincare journey with EDNA.

It's an awe-inspiring sight, a testament to the power of consistent skincare in Northern Nevada.

Actual Customers of EDNA Skin Care Ages Range from 50 to 90+ years of age.
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Old-Fashioned Ingredients

 Timeless Experience

 Formulas Since 1932

Our Customers Feel Like Family

You have two options!

Starting your skincare journey early with EDNA can make all the difference. Our products are crafted to support the skin's natural ability to rejuvenate, delaying the signs of aging.

As the saying goes, "Will you feel 40 at 70?" With EDNA, you're taking a powerful step towards timeless beauty and ageless confidence. Begin today for a radiant tomorrow.

  • Stop the aging process in its tracks
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Have soft skin morning to night
  • Experience personalized customer service with our qualified staff
  • Feel & look great
  • Get skin care products for life
  • Enjoy looking in the mirror
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Rest easy knowing you're using safe, high-quality products
  • Don't compromise your ethics
  • Get affordable products directly from us
  • Our formulas never change & our products won't be discontinued
  • Continue to feel unhappy about your skin
  • Keep using ineffective, expensive products
  • Dislike what you see in the mirror
Don't Let This Happen To You!

I've used Edna for years now.... Excellent staff and fabulous, beneficial products.

- msmiyagi33

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Will you feel 40 at 70?

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