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Edna Skin Care was established in 1932 by female chemist, Viola Lozier.  While working her way through chemistry school in a hair salon Viola noticed the need for quality skin care.  She developed the Basic 7, a skin care system that feeds and hydrates the skin.  Only years later did Viola also realize that she had developed a  line that dramatically slows down and even reverses the aging process.

Since 1932 our company has been known under a few other names: Paul Bragg, Beauty Creators and Gail Richards, but the formulas and ingredient qualities have never changed.   In fact, many of the suppliers for our ingredients have also remained the same since the 1930′s.   Why change something that works?  We are never “new and improved” because there is no way to make these products any better.

Edna Burt began selling the products for Gail Richards in 1964.   The stress of losing a child to cancer had left her with a horrible case of acne and scaring.  After discovering the products her skin only took a matter of weeks to clear and she found to her delight that her skin looked better than it ever had.  Because of her personal experience, Edna was the Gail Richards top seller through the early 1980′s.  In 1986, when the owners decided to retire, Edna knew she couldn’t live without the products and bought the company, moving it from Los Angeles, CA to Sparks, NV.

Edna Skin Care only uses natural products, never synthetics.   The human body developed to live on planet earth.  We believe that anything naturally occuring on our planet is better for our bodies that anything science can develop in a test tube.   Because of this we have never added  chemical stabilizers to our products, which means our creams will sometimes come out thinner or thicker, depending on lanolin consistency or even the weather on the day the batch was made.  Our customers find this odd after living in world where all other creams they buy come out exactly the same.  But, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s better to enjoy a little variation than applying chemicals to your skin.

At Edna Skin Care we strive for excellent products and excellent customer service.  If you ever have questions or comments we hope you will let us know.

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