Our creams contain mineral colors which fade when exposed to light.  Because we do not use chemical stabilizers this is normal.  Even though the color may have faded the cream is still as potent as ever.  Just keep your next jar in a drawer or in the medicine cabinet.

All of our Night Creams can be used by any age or skin type.  So, you really can’t go wrong.  We do recommend that customers rotate their night creams.  All of the creams contain properties which feed and replenish the skin. Rotating every night, week, or every time you run out ensures that your skin will be nourished.

In general, we recommend women over 55 use our heavier creams; Hormone Night Replenisher (contains plant estrogen) or Overnight Cream (contains no estrogen.)  Our younger users should start with Nite Facial (lightest cream) or Special Night Facial (non-greasy cream).

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that perfumes and chemical scents can disrupt hormone production and in general should be avoided.  Luckily you use Edna who only uses the highest grade essential oils.   Essential Oils tighten pores and do many amazing things for the skin.  However, not everyone likes the floral scent so we offer “unscented”.   Unscented means that we leave out the essential oils in that batch.  When you purchase Unscented products from Edna you will smell the natural ingredients lanolin and beeswax.  Beware other companies that offer “unscented” and smell like nothing when you take a whiff.  If you smell nothing you can be sure they have added a chemical which masks the smell of the product’s raw ingredients.

No.  Your product is still perfectly fine.  Because we do not use chemical stabilizers the cream will separate.   Simply stir it back in.

Yes, but Day Moisture Cream is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture into your skin as you encounter it through out your day.  Suddenly doing the dishes or walking past a sprinkler will benefit your skin.  Day Moisture Cream also contains more beeswax than the night creams, so it will seal in the moisture you’ve attracted and make it unlikely you’ll need to reapply before evening.

Night Creams contain more lanolin, a skin softener meant to penetrate deeply but for a shorter period of time.   If you use a night cream during the day, you many need to reapply before evening.

NEVER.  We test on humans.  We’ve been using the same formulas since 1932.  If something were wrong with our products we surely would have heard by now.

Yes.  Even though our creams feel oily they do not clog pores, in fact they shrink, clean and tighten pores.  We only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure irritants and pollutants are not in our products.  We’ve been in business since 1932 and have served thousands of women, many with acne prone or oily skin.  With Edna your skin balances and normalizes.  If you are unsatisfied after trying us for 30-days we will refund your cost.

We’ve never really advertised.  We are a word of mouth company that has been supported for 70+ years by loyal customers.  Usually a grandmother started using it and passed the secret of beautiful skin down to her daughter and now we have the granddaughters and great-granddaughters using Edna.  We have recently begun to put out small advertisements to women who also deserve to be in the know.

We have found that people with sensitive skin can easily use our products without reaction because Edna Skin Care uses only the highest quality ingredients.   But as with all products, please do a patch test first.

Spermwax was a wax culled from the head of the Spermwhale.  Glady, I can tell you that the gathering of Spermwax is now illegal and our products have not contained it since the 1950′s.  The synthetic version of  spermwax is made from vegan coconut wax, and is also known  by the name Cetyl Esters Wax.

Cetyl Esters Wax  increases the viscosity (thickness) of Candlelight Facial & Cleansing Cream while also improving the feel.   It is recognized as a synthetic only because it takes the place of another substance, however; it does come  from a natural source – coconuts.

When the products were first formulated in the early 1930’s  whale parts were seen as an industry standard and actually had various health benefits.  Spermeceti was the only animal product used in any of the formulas.  Perhaps we should change the label… but we kind of get a kick out of the name.

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