Our Philosophy

At Edna Skin Care we believe that to produce the finest all-natural products only the purest and richest raw ingredients must be used. Unlike other skin care lines that are mass produced, all Edna Skin Care products are hand blended, precisely adhering to secret formulas developed by female chemist, Viola Losier, in 1932. Not only do we focus on producing exceptional products, we also believe in treating each customer as an individual and giving them the service they deserve.

Taking full advantage of the organic benefits found in such ingredients as Irish Moss, Papaya, Fran-J-Pani, Royal Bee Jelly and healing herbs, our unique collection of healing products not only cleanse, but maintain our skin’s natural moisture levels and protect against skin damage. Our skin care line remains handcrafted, insuring the authenticity of the products created in adherence to Edna’s precise mixing and curing procedures. We have never tested on animals or use chemical fillers.

From the first time you use Edna products, you will notice a smoother and softer feeling to your skin. More importantly, your skin will appear to be healthier, younger and more radiant. So come see what we’re made of. We guarantee that within only 14 days of using Edna’s outstanding skin care products, the difference in your skin will be so noticeable that not only will you see it, but your friends and family will too.

Please let us know the difference Edna Skin Care makes in your skin, because nothing thrills us more than hearing how our products help you look and feel your ultimate best.

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