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Lighting and Shading

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Contouring can accentuate or diminish any feature you want. Lighting brings assets forward while shading disguises features by making them appear to recede. 


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Never leave it to nature. Bring out your inner artist and sculpt your desired features with Lighting and Shading.

Contouring can accentuate or diminish any feature you want. Lighting brings assets forward while shading disguises features by making them appear to recede. For example, highlight your cheekbones or reduce the dark circles under your eyes. Think of yourself as a blank canvas and create your best self. You create the illusion you desire with these easy-blending liquid makeups. 

Your Lighting or Shading is accompanied by a brochure explaining how to use the product and a quick reference card you can tuck into your makeup bag.

EYES: Accentuate your eyes with Lighting. Use the spatula edge and ring your eyes (like a raccoon) over the eyebrows and close under the eye. Gently blend until barely visible, making your eyes look larger and younger.

LIPS: Highlight your lips with Lighting. Blend a light layer on the upper lip and the middle of your chin. Gently blend until barely visible.

NOSE:  Lengthen or Straighten your nose. Use the spatula edge to run Lighting down the ridge of your nose, starting at the bridge and ending just above the ball. Blend until barely visible. Shorten a long nose with Shading. Apply a small amount just under the ball or tip of the nose. Blend until barely visible.

CHEEK BONES: Create dramatic cheekbones with Lighting & Shading. Suck in your cheeks and notice where the hollows form, then apply Shading into those areas (just under the cheekbones and into where the natural hollows should fall.) Blend up toward the hairline until a natural look occurs. Then run a line of Lighting just along the ridge of the cheekbone (which should be the area right above where you applied your Shading) and blend forward and upwards. Apply blush, if desired, starting at the cheek’s apple and blending up and back.

DININISH JOWLS: Draw a line of Shading on the underside of the jaw bone with your spatula. Lightly blend the Shading back under your chin. Blend until a natural look occurs.

A last note of advice: Make sure all edges are blended together. M aps are attractive, but not on your face. 

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Purified Water, Steric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Triethanolamine, Minerals & Oxides

1 review for Lighting and Shading

  1. Diane

    I have been using this product for years. I absolutely love this product!

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