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New Customer Kit

(55 customer reviews)


Welcome first time customers!  This kit contains 2 oz jars of Day Moisture Cream and Overnight Cream and a trial pack of Edna’s most popular products.

Welcome First Time Customers!

You are most likely here because you enjoyed samples of Day Moisture Cream & Overnight Cream and have fallen in love with the new texture of your skin. As you continue using these creams, you will notice a reduction in wrinkles, softer, supple skin, and a return to your youthful, vibrant skin tone.
These creams come in Original or Unscented. (The samples you received were original.) Edna only fragrances with Essential Oils, which are beneficial and healing for the skin. We offer unscented for those who dislike the scent or prefer to fragrance their own. We do not add a chemical to mask the smell of the raw products as other companies do. If you purchase Unscented, please expect to smell the earthy aroma of Lanolin and Beeswax.

In this package, you will receive a 2 oz. jar of Day Moisture Cream, a 2 oz. jar of Overnight Cream and a Welcome Kit, allowing you to sample more of our customer-favorite products. The welcome kit contains a week’s worth of Cleansing Cream, Skin Freshener, Eye Cream, Vitone Bath and Body Oil, Magicream Lotion, and Velvetone Base Makeup with SPF 25+.

Day Moisture Cream is a highly concentrated cream that contains Lanolin and Beeswax and provides long-lasting moisturization. Moisture Cream has been our best-selling product for 90+ years! Overnight Cream is a heavy reparative hydrator that softens all three layers of the skin while reducing fine lines as you sleep.

Upgrade your night cream to Edna’s collagen-boosting Hormone Night Replenisher for an additional $2. Hormone Night Replenisher is the same formula as the Overnight Cream but includes natural plant-based phytoestrogens from organic soy and Mexican yam. Increasing estrogens in topically applied creams plumps and re-firm aging skin.

Please choose two Velvetone Shades to try in your Welcome Kit:

♦Town Talk – Light Porcelain / Lightest Skin Tone
♦Mocha – Light Beige / Light Skin Tone with yellow undertone
♦Peach Bloom – Light Cool Rose / For Blonde, Blue-eyed women with a pink undertone
♦Magic Touch – Medium Rose Beige / Fair to medium skin with pink undertone
♦Naturglo – Light Beige / Light Olive tone without any pink tones
♦Cali – Medium Beige / Medium Olive tone
♦Sun Mocha – Suntan
♦Caliente – Deep Dark Suntan

Weight 15 oz
Select Fragrance


Collagen Boost +$2

No, Yes


Day Moisture Cream: Lanolin, Beeswax, Cosmetic Oils (Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Seed Oil), Purified Water, Borax Triethanolamine NF, Essential Oils: Jasmine, Rose, Lilac.

Overnight Cream: Lanolin, Beeswax, Light cosmetic oil (Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Seed Oil), Purified Water, Triethanolamine, Jasmine, Rose, and 20 flower essential oils.

Collagen Boosting Hormone Night Replenisher: Lanolin, Beeswax, Light Cosmetic Oil (Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Seed Oil), Purified Water, Borax Powder, Triethanolmine NF, Mexican Yam Extract, Soy Extract, Essential Oils: Jasmine, Rose, and a blend of 20 healing flower oils.

Unscented versions do not contain essential oils. No masking chemicals added.

55 reviews for New Customer Kit

  1. Candy

    What a difference!

    My daughter tried it on me an in one application I could tell a difference in the way my skin felt…

  2. Candace

    I can’t wait for my own jar to arrive

    My daughter tried it on me and in one application I could tell a difference in the way my skin felt

  3. Janice

    Was this product around 20+ years ago… so familiar

    I received your sample at the Taste of Home Cooking Class I attended on November 1st. The product is so familiar, what was it called back in the 60′s, 70′s or 80′s? I am trying the product and so far really like the way it feels.

    ***Edna Skin Care Replies…***
    I’m glad you are enjoying the samples. Edna purchased the company in 1986 to preserve the original formulas of these fabulous products. Before she took it over the company was named Gail Richards Beauty Creators.

  4. Barbi

    Liked your samples

    Got samples in the mail — loved them

  5. Jo

    Where can I get this?

    I got samples. I live in Minden, Nevada. Do you sell your products in Sparks or are they only available online?

    ***Edna Skin Care Replies…***
    We do sell our products in Sparks. You can visit us Monday – Friday from 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-3pm. Our address is 1471 Greg Street, Sparks, NV 89431. Our nearest cross street is Rock Blvd. If you have any questions our phone number is (800) 536-3362.

  6. Mary Ann


    Thanks Kindly –
    And what great service! I just turned “87″ on March 13 and thought I’d better freshen-up this face because – who knows – maybe Publisher’s Clearning House may be knowcking on my door!
    Love your Product!
    Mary Ann

  7. Linda

    Now I’m buying for Mom now too!

    A friend of mine gifted me with your samples in June when we went on vacation. I have been using your products every since. My Mom is 94 years old and last week she mentioned ow gorgeous and young my face has been looking and has insisted on trying your product. She said she can absolutely tell the difference & wants to look younger too!

  8. Chrissty

    Liked the samples.

    Loved the samples. look forward to the welcome kit. The dry NV air has been a demon on my skin. Thanks for keeping the line so natural!

  9. Donna L

    Do you test on animals?

    Can you tell me if any products and which ones are tested on animals? Thank you kindly for your time.

    ***Edna Skin Care Replies…***
    Dear Denise,
    Edna Skin Care has never been tested on animals. We have tested on human’s for 80 years though!

  10. Paula

    Tried your samples and now I have different skin!

    I was a recipient of the Colorado mass mailing. I used the trial samples and then ordered one of the skin care kits. My skin feels like it is drinking in moisture. I decided to try to put on eye shadow today—something I have been shying away from due to the my skin being like crepe paper. What a surprise—the eyeshadow glided on—no more crepe paper! I feel like I have totally different skin!

  11. Carol Worley

    Loyal Customer

    I started using Edna 56 years ago and absolutely love it. A member of our family now sells another brand of cosmetics and have tried to help her out by ordering some of the items.
    Didn’t even last a week. There is nothing as good as Edna and I will remain a loyal, extremely satisfied customer

  12. Becks

    Are You Kidding Me? I love it!

    The products I have used so far have been wonderful for my skin; therefore excellent for my attitude! They work as promised, match skin well when that’s necessary, and truly hydrate. I reside in the “high&dry” desert clime of Colorado, and its always schizophrenic weather. I have found within the products and samples the new routine I felt I have been searching for. THANK YOU! I exercise regularly both indoors and out of doors, plus work hard, too. Thank you again for sharing the NEWS!
    P.S. I’m post menopausal, and the creams,lotions, and lipsilk are quite fine. Cannot wait to watch the changes occur as I get past 2 weeks of use and the products have opportunity to ante up the repair and “magic”.
    Thank you.

  13. Angie3

    Keep the compliments comming please 🙂

    I only used your products for a very short time, but today a coworker walked by and said – What are you using? your skin looks so radiant. I’m so happy I almost peed my pants.

  14. Barbara

    My husband told me to buy it ?!?

    When I got the two samples I asked my husband to watch my skin to see what would happen. When I ran out of the two samples I went back to my regular cosmetics. Boy was I surprsed when my husband said, “Um, I think you need to buy that new stuff you were trying. This stuff [my old cosmetics] isn’t working.” Can’t wait to get my new creams!

  15. Deb

    You’re the real deal. Thanks.

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your products. Everything I’ve every tried has been as advertised. Your pricing is good, the products are great, and oh yeah, everyone I’ve talked to at Edna has been helpful, pleasant and a joy to talk to.
    Thank you for everything you do. It’s a pleasure to order from you. Deb

  16. Rosalie

    I am trying to look as good as my mom. 🙂

    My mother has been using these products all my life and her skin is gorgeous! I guess I’ve been stuborn, trying to find my own way but nothing compares to the EDNA products. I love that my skin is starting too finally look as good as my mom’s!

  17. DF

    Products that actually work!

    I received a sample in the mail of Hormone Night Cream and Day Cream and absolutely love it! It made a huge difference in the disappearance of some wrinkle lines, and that was in only using the sample packet that was sent to me. I can’t wait to get the full size 2 oz. jars of both these products that I just ordered so that I can start looking much more youthful! I am getting married in six months (June wedding) and want to look as beautiful as I can for my special day! Thank you for introducing me to this product. I have been searching for a product that actually works, and I found it right here!! Thank you!!!

  18. Terry V

    I am 57 but I’m getting compliments left and right!

    I’ve only been using the products for 2 months, but I ran into an old friend the other day and he said, “Terry, you took 10 years off your face. What are you doing?” and the compliments just keep coming. My best friend doesn’t give compliments but yesterday she told me, ” Your face looks beautiful, and you know I wouldn’t say that unless it was true.” I’m 57. I haven’t received this much attention for my appearance in years!

  19. Martha

    Thank you!

    Thank you so very much for sending my order so quikly!!! After trying my samples in the mail and stretching them to last 8 days I was so excited to start these amazing creams!!!!! Now I have my Mom already dipping into them!!!! Again thankyou and have a wonderful day!!!

  20. Martha

    100% improved!!!

    Comment: Oh my Ladies at Edna!!! I am so very grateful that I tried those little packets that came in the mail!!!! Ordered the niight cream day cream eye cream then my mom Jane M*** and I ordered the whole kit! Have been using it now for one month and my skin is 100 percent improved! I have since recieved compliments resently on my skin!!! I thankyou all for this wonderful product!

  21. Skibee

    Truly amazing

    I tried Edna skin care on advice from a friend and have been amazed by the results. I was actually considering a face lift or some other drastic measures but after just two weeks, no longer believe that’s necessary. My wrinkles have faded to nothing and I feel and look younger than ever. I love the all natural products and no pressure marketing with the follow up thank you I received. I will definitely recommend to my friends.. Thank you.

  22. Cleo

    Thank you .

    I received those little samples in the mail and at first I was reluctant to use it but finally decided to try and I am glad I did. I am 68 years old and noticed a change on my skin .i love it.

  23. Laurie Lou

    Love it

    Great product, love how nursing it is on my skin. Goes on thick and seems heavy but quickly absorbs into your skin with no greasy feel. Has rose essential oil but also comes fragrance free. Extra great for aging skin or dry climates. I’ve been using it for years and highly recommended it.

  24. Mandoo


    Thank you for the sample

  25. kat

    nice surprise

    received samples in the mail, and i really like how they feel on my skin and love the scent. love that they are made of natural, not synthetic ingredients.

  26. Jo

    Love these products!

    Received the day cream and night cream as samples in the mail. I usually don’t pay much attention to such samples but I decided to give it a try and wow, I love the way my skin looks. After having great skin for many years my skin was looking dry and the wrinkling of my skin was becoming more obvious. With these products I see a change, my skin feels nourished and fortified with a silky emollient feel that makes my skin appear glowing and less wrinkled. I have had many problems over the years with chemicals in most skin products often leaving my skin too red and somewhat irritated looking which I would cover with another product containing anti red chemicals. Since I do not want to go back to those other products, I will place an order in the hope that I will continue to find great satisfaction in Edna Skin Care. Thank you for introducing me to your products.

  27. shorty

    great product as far as i can tell

    felt great on skin not greasy my skin felt more supple

  28. CS

    Yours forever!

    When I first received the mass mailing samples from you I couldn’t believe how good they made my skin feel and look, the scent is ever so lovely, too. After the samples have been used up I did not want to be without, and so I ordered the new customer kit. The order arrived swiftly, was well packaged and to my delight everything is filled to the brim so very unlike other cosmetics. My skin is very dry and sensitive but with Edna it is happy, calm and feels soft and nourished. This is a product line I will not keep secret and sharing already with friends. I only wish that I have met you many years ago, Edna team, I’m yours forever!

  29. folsom gal

    so far so good

    I’ve only used my samples for a couple days but like them so far which is why I’m ordering the New Customer Kit

  30. Tal

    Loved my Samples

    The samples came in the mail, and I tried them. I loved how moist my skin looked and felt. I am ordering for myself and a Christmas gift for my mom too!

  31. Barb

    Happy new customer

    I have to take a few minutes out of Christmas crazy month and compliment you on your products! I always hesitate a lot before I order things on line as I have been disappointed many times in the past…..from shoes to clothes to scents, etc.
    I loved getting a sample in the mail and tried it that night. Well the first thing I loved was the aroma. The nite cream and day cream are wonderful.
    So I placed an order and was pleasantly surprised when little extras were included. Your packaging is as beautiful as your products.
    I am a long, long time Shiseido fan….Maybe I should say “was!”

  32. Babs

    Very nice, so far

    I received the samples last Fri. My skin feels soft and comfortable. I reside in Arizona so dry is very predominant, but moisture is necessary. I’m ordering the sample kit,I,m impressed by the size of the products included.
    Hoping it won’t make my skin too oily when the heat begins. Sincerely, Babs

  33. Dee A. (verified owner)

    Love the samples I received.

    I received the day and night cream sample pack and I am astonished at how well my skin looks. I’ve only used them for 4 days and I was so worried about running out I ordered both jars. Now that I’m reading out the other skin care products I have them on my wish list and plan on showing them to family members in the hope of getting something for my birthday. I love the way my skin feels. I’ll be 60 this year and I probably look 70 because my skin is dry. With Edna, my skin feels wonderful. Thank you for sending me these two samples. It made my week.

  34. Tracy B.

    The best ever skincare

    It was a week before my 67th birthday and I was in tears about my skin, even considering a facelift, I was so upset. And then appearing in my mailbox, 2 samples to try. Well why not. I was desperate for something, anything. After 2 days I couldn’t believe the changes. Quickly, I ordered the kit and after under 2 weeks, I have seen significant progress. My skin is hydrated, more luminous and smooth. Bags under the eyes are reduced and I look more refreshed and lifted. I love every product. The makeup is fabulous. It is so light, but covers all imperfections and lasts all day. And the body oil has already improved the dry crepey arms. I am so happy and thankful to have found Edina Sin Care. Who knew 2 little samples would have such a powerful impact. I have already reordered to never be without. Thank you so much.

  35. tanya


    nice product

  36. Am

    Best Product For The Money By Far

    I must admit, I was incredibly skeptical when I received samples of Edna in the mail. At first I was going to toss them, but then I thought, “I’ve tried every other product on the market, why not this?”

    At the time I was using another mail order subscription based skin care product. In order to maintain my subscription I was forced to purchasing a minimum amount of product every few months, need it or not. My thought was, if Edna worked equally as well and didn’t force me to buy product I didn’t need, then using their samples might be worth it.

    Am I beyond grateful that I did! Not only is Edna far superior to ANY other product I’ve used, they make it incredibly easy to order. I wasn’t forced into any type of membership or subscription and they consistently exceed my expectations on price point for the quality of product I receive.

    If this is the quality, value and service I continue to receive, I am a customer for life!

  37. Mary B

    I really like the quality of this produduft.

    I have been using OleHenriksen for years. I have actually consulted a plastic surgeon for a face lift. I would like to put that off until I try your full line for a while. So far I am impressed.

  38. SM

    Great Product

    I received the samples and love how they evened out my skin

  39. Nancy Beaton

    I received a sample of your night cream and tried it. It reminded me of my grandmother and how she used to smell (which was wonderful!) s I purchased one of your kits. Your creams are amazing! They moisturize but I don’t breakout. I just ordered foundation as I had sampled it in the kit and loved it. And I’m trying your mascara too. Great products. Just wish I found them years ago. You’ve got a loyal customer here. Do you carry your products in Northern California?

    • edna Edna Skin Care

      Dear Nancy,
      We are a mail order only company. We do priority ship the same day you place your order to insure that you never spend a day without your creams.

  40. kym anderson

    samples were great

  41. Vicki

    I used this for 3 days and I love this so much! My eyes were puffy and my skin was dry, but now I love how my skin feels. I used to use Este Lauder before but I love how inexpensive and effective the Edna products are.

  42. Suzi Kugler

    Night creme is thick & moisture full

  43. Holly

    Received the samples in the mail. I love both day and night creams. They are exactly what I’ve been looking for to replenish my 70-year old skin. Thank you! I want more!!

  44. Tenly

    I was skeptical of the products at first, how could comething so thick and moisturizing not make me break out? Three days of use, and I am sold.


    I love getting free samples. I did like the way my skin FELT after putting the night cream on, however, I couldn’t stand the heavy smell and had to wash it off. I usually use unscented products on my sensitive skin. This could be a winner if only it wasn’t for the awful and heady scent.

    • Edna Skin Care

      I just wanted to make sure that when you were on the page that you saw that we do have unscented versions of both creams available. We understand some people are more sensitive to smells than others and do work to accommodate. The “scent” is comprised of beneficial essential oils, not endocrine harming perfumes.

  46. Diana Hankla

    Going to give these products a try.

  47. Patty DiNapoli

    I was completely surprised by the results of this cream! Can’t wait to get more!

  48. Jan Sweyer

    I am so happy to have received Edna sample package in the mail last week. Never heard of it before and am absolutely SOLD on the product. I placed my order yesterday. I also told my friend about it and she’s also ordering. Edna moisture cream is so much better than the Neutrogena, et al, products out there that cost just as much! Look forward to receiving my new customer kit!

  49. Cheryl Neckowitz

    Like night cream sample

  50. Yaxia Liu

    Like the sample.

  51. roberta

    I was completely surprised by the results of this cream! Can’t wait to get more!

  52. Sangita Patel

    I little packet of night hormone replenishment, I loved it. I have always had clear skin and now inn pre menopause I have started getting dark spots on my face. Use one 1 little packet, my dark spots started disappearing. This is what bring me here to buy full size night cream. I am ordering starter kit to try other stuff.


    So far I am impressed with the results of the samples. Ready to take the plunge!
    Thank you!

  54. Linda M

    I am hoping your products work miracles. I am 79 and had chemo several years ago. My skin was good until then. I love the moisture your samples provided so I am ordering.

  55. Maria Herrera

    I want to continue to try this product

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