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Hormone Night Replenisher

(31 customer reviews)


Renew and Replenish with natural phytoestrogens to increases your skin’s elasticity, improve tone and texture, and strengthens the collagen layer.

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Renew and Replenish your skin with the natural phytoestrogen hormones found in Mexican Yam and Soy!

Hormone Night Replenisher is our best-selling anti-aging night cream and is favored by customers over 50 years young. As we age, we lose hormones from our skin, dehydrating the collagen layer and flattening out our skin cells, which is why we wrinkle more after menopause. Using natural hormones to feed the collagen layer helps the skin to re-plump, smooth out lines and wrinkles, and prevent the skin from forming new lines.

Edna’s Hormone Night Replenisher is a heavy cream that increases your skin’s elasticity, improves tone and texture, and strengthens the collagen layer. Once you try it, you’ll understand why it’s so popular. (But why stop at your face? I use it on my neck, chest, and sometimes on my arms and legs after the shower.)

Hormone Night Replenisher comes in Original Floral or Unscented. Edna only fragrances with Essential Oils, which are beneficial and healing for the skin. We offer unscented for those who dislike the scent or prefer to add their own fragrance. We do not add a chemical to mask the smell of the raw products as other companies do. If you purchase Unscented, you can expect to smell the earthy aroma of Lanolin and Beeswax.

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Lanolin, Beeswax, Light Cosmetic Oil (Grape Seed Oil and Apricot Seed Oil), Purified Water, Borax Powder, Triethanolamine NF, Mexican Yam Extract, Soy Extract, Essential Oils: Jasmine, Rose, and a blend of 20 healing flower oils.

31 reviews for Hormone Night Replenisher

  1. Barbara

    Your samples fixed my rosacea

    My dermatologist diagnosed me with Rosacea some years back and I’ve tried everything to get rid of it, including using his very expensive skin care products. But I hated the way my skin felt when I was using them. I was always very dry and even developed embarrassing flaking skin under my eyebrows (can eyebrows have dandruff?) I started using Baby Oil to remove my eye makeup and after a while even that started to burn my skin. My skin is just so sensitive. I got your samples in the mail and tried them and I got so excited. It didn’t burn my eyes! And then a miracle happened – the Rosacea went away. Just gone! I believe it’s the Hormone Night Replenisher that fixed it. I just bathe in the Hormone Cream every night. I’m so happy. Thank you for sending me samples. I am a customer for LIFE!

  2. Jeni


    I just wanted to let you know how much I truly love your products!
    I have been using the Hormone Night Replenisher and it absolutely made a difference in my skin. I am 58 and have very dry skin. After using this for about 2 weeks (I used it during the day as well), I could really tell that my skin was softer and more supple than it had been before.
    I just ordered and received the Lipsilk and will never buy Chapstick, Burt’s Bees or any other balm for my lips again. What an amazing product!
    I am also using the Eye cream and have noticed a big improvement in those mean little crow’s feet that I have from not wearing sunglasses and squinting in the sun!
    Thank you so much for such wonderful products! I love the way they feel, not overpowering with perfume smell and of course, the great way it makes my skin look.

  3. Diana C.

    Back again

    I received a postcard from you about 2-3 years ago and ordered the travel size kit and didn’t really give it a chance then started using the Edna again. What was left of it that is and now I think I will give it a fair chance. Even though I didn’t really use Edna for a while it seemed to still smell good and sure enough the stuff was still in working order. So here I am again. I am glad that I started using the leftovers because the product is great.

  4. Linda


    Your products are wonderful. I have been faithfully using your morning regime every day since June and absolutely love it but until last week I never tried removing the product at night & trying the night cremes. Last week I tried your hormone creme for the 1st time. I LOVE IT! It has made such a difference with my face and I even notice more improvement during the day when i use my day products. Thank you for your products. They are all wonderful!

  5. CHedin

    I look so much better. Thank you

    Love the night time hormone cream…. I only used it once and my daughter thought I had a “procedure” done to my face. It eliminated the lines around my mouth in one application.

  6. Amanda S.

    You made me look great!

    I hadn’t seen my relatives in 15 years. When they saw me they kept saying “Your skin! Your skin is amazing.” I wasn’t shy. I ate up the extra attention I love your creams! I’ll use them forever!

  7. ccolorado


    Thank you soo much. Again I just want to say I think your skin product is fantastic. It is the only one I have found that works on my skin. All others do not soak in they just roll up on my face. I must have elephant skin or something, but your hormone cream is unbelievable. Love it. Chris

  8. Cheryl

    Hormone Cream is the best!

    I love Hormone Night Replenisher. I put it on at night and wake up to supple, hydrated skin. If I was deserted on an island and could only take one beauty item, this would be it.

  9. LiZavetsky

    Nothing works better than Hormone Night Replenisher

    I have been using Edna products since I was 16 years old (it was called Gail Richards back then, but same formula) I am now 62 years old and I know the comments and compliments I receive saying I look 20 years younger than I am are absolutely true thanks to Edna cosmetics. The moisturizers are amazing. The day and night creams leave my face soft and supple with a pink glow. I have tried many other products over the years and nothing compares. I am especially hooked on the Harmone Night Replenisher. Nothing works better on my skin. Nothing! Thank you Edna for helping me to stay looking young.

  10. Ruth Vogal

    Make me beautiful, please?

    I’m a hygienist and I worked on a woman about 30 years ago who had NO wrinkles. She told me she only used Lanolin on her face. I was so thrilled when I found out Lanolin was the main ingredient in the Hormone Cream so maybe I can have skin like hers!

  11. Elizabeth

    No scarring thanks to Hormone Night Replenisher

    My dermatologist took a skin cancer off of my nose and somehow it made a really hard lump, kind of like a corn on the tip of my nose and it’s been there a couple of years. I tried every cream I had in my house but only the Hormone Night Replenisher helped. After 2 months of use the corn thing detached and the skin on my nose isn’t even scarred! I’ll admit, I haven’t ordered in quite a while, but now I never want to be without this cream again!

  12. Barbara

    My skin’s savior

    Two years ago I received a sample in the mail and immediately ordered the hormone night cream. My skin looked so great after two weeks that I purchased the Basic 7-plus kit and the biocream. I am a true believer of these products. I have spent thousands on others and Edna is the best. I took the hormone night cream on a week long rafting/camping trip through the Grand Canyon and it was my skin’s savior after days of intense sun. These products will not disappoint!

  13. Leenie

    Thick and long lasting. Best night creme

    All other night crèmes absorb in so quickly, it’s as if I hadn’t applied any at all. This crème is thick enough that I still feel it in the morning. Great for my dry skin.

  14. Amy


    I received a sample in the mail and fell in love with the feeling of my skin. I have tried many face creams over the years and “settled” with expensive high end brands… This beats them all

  15. Minia

    Since living in Az. I’ve tried them all and this takes the prize

    I had a sample sitting on my dresser till I ran out of my face cream and decided to try, and OMG I couldn’t believe by morning how wonderful my face felt that I got on the internet to find out where to buy. I love it and have never, I mean NEVER had a cream that I could actually feel the difference it made on my face the next day. It’s wonderful!!!! Especially living in Arizona this is the best Night Replenisher cream ever.

  16. Kia

    Feel like I found something great!

    I too received a sample in the mail and instantly loved it and still do! There is nothing like this cream and these products. Their suttle scents are heavenly. They never disappoint. I feel great knowing that I am taking care of myself with such great products!

  17. lori



  18. lori



  19. Bev


    I have never wore anything thing on my face due to very oily skin and having pimples when I was a teenage and young adult. Now that I am 57 and received a sample in the mail, I took a chance and applied a little overnight. Wow! I considered myself a hard critic to sell, but the very next morning, my face felt totally different and immediately looked better than ever before. I used both sample for a week and was surprised I had no pimples. My skin looked younger and felt like a baby’s skin. I said to myself, “What is in this stuff to do my skin so well?” Now, I am here to buy more and to share it as a gift to my 6 sisters. Thank you

  20. Renate (verified owner)


    My raccoon cheeks are gone. Nothing more needs to be said. I tried all kinds of products and this worked. I used it for several months and one day I looked up and realized my skin was clear. Thank you.

  21. Naomi

    I received this postcard in the mailer on a Friday. I really didn’t give it much thought. Out of curiosity I used the night cream sample in my evening skincare. I didn’t care for the texture because it is super thick nor the scent because I really don’t like lanolin smell. When I woke Saturday morning, I was shocked that I didn’t break out and that my skin looked nice and supple. That morning my family and I left to our Disneyland trip to Anaheim. Since my skin looked very nice I took the samples with me and thought what the heck. I used the day cream and my skin was slightly oily but looked well hydrated. The next day at Disneyland I used the cream again and was amazed at how well hydrated my skin was. My dry skin was nice and supple and I didn’t look dehydrate. Im so thrilled with just those 2 days results that I have placed an order for a sample month kit. I can’t wait to see what it will do. I will continue to use this along with my other heavy anti-aging hitters such as retina A and peptides.

  22. Marjorie A Gordon (verified owner)

    very rich and wonderful hydrating night cream. I use it all
    the time at night. Cannot be without it.j!!!

  23. Melissa Torres

    My face has been really dry and I could not find anything but I came across Edna Skincare and I’m glad I did! I ordered the travel kit and in 2 nights of using this hormone cream my face looks alot better and does not look or feel dry! I’m looking forward to the results I will get with these natural products

  24. Marilyn J. Greenhaw (verified owner)


  25. Cathy Edwards (verified owner)

    I have used Edna’s Hormone Night Replensher for over 2 years. My skin has always been dry, but after menopause it became even drier; thinner, and was losing elasticity. Since using Hormone Night Replensher my skin feels and looks more supple, less lines and wrinkles, and looks “brighter”. The product is thick and a little goes a long way. Absolutely LOVE IT and would highly recommend.

  26. Linda Mowen

    I only tried a one night sample. I liked it.

  27. Cathy (verified owner)

    I love everything Edna and I am grateful that you sent me the free samples back in 2013. The Hormone Night Replenisher and the cleansing cream are the basis of my skin care and I could never switch to anything else! I have also made believers of my daughter and my sister.

  28. Galyna Somova


  29. Dawn Lee Snell (verified owner)

    I have been using this cream for years! Based on plant based hormones, this cream helps my skin stay supple in the high desert. My elderly female dog also feels it’s healing properties when I put a smudge in each of her drying canine ears. My skin and her ears become plump with moisture!.This helps us feel soft and supple again!

    Thank you Edna!

  30. roberta

    I had a sample sitting on my dresser till I ran out of my face cream and decided to try, and OMG I couldn’t believe by morning how wonderful my face felt that I got on the internet to find out where to buy. I love it and have never, I mean NEVER had a cream that I could actually feel the difference it made on my face the next day. It’s wonderful!!!!

  31. Michele

    I may have had this Hormone Night Replenisher for months or years, took this sample with me on an out of state trip. Used it the first night, and really loved the feel. Am using it again tonight, it’s fabulous. Truly not sure I’ve ever been persuaded by a sample to buy something, extremely rare. I’m 72, skin has gotten drier, I am ordering this product, may try the other ones too, day cream. I’m so excited to have found this wonderful cream!!

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