October 4, 2010

Dear Edna,

In response to our telephone conversation, I am enclosing my picture.

I attended my 65th High School reunion July 31, 2010 in Boone, NC.  This picture was taken at that time.  Flavel Eggers, who lives at [address info removed for privacy] sent me the picture.  She called me and wanted to know why my skin looked so nice at the age of 85.  I answered her by saying, it’s because I have used the best skin care products faithfully for 56 years.  I said the original company was called Beauty Creators.  Later it became Edna.  She was impressed and wanted your phone number.  I sent her one of your catalogs.  When she received the catalog she called me again asking questions, which I answered honestly.  After she received her order from you, and had used it for a week, she called again.  She said for years she had used a more expensive skin care cosmetics, and it couldn’t compare to the quality of yours.  After using your face mask and creams she fully agreed with me.  Your skin care products excel in every way.  She said she is so pleased to have your products and will continue to use them.


Hazel Cottrell

P.S.  My main concern is that more women can be helped by using your skin care products.  To me personally they are the best.

Hazel added a few more pages before mailing this letter.  That are just as fun to read.  They follow below.  (I thought you might be interested in this story.)

About 15 years ago my daughter’s friend began promoting Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I consented to let her give a demonstration at my house.  Several people attended.  Everyone was impressed, but not me.  She wanted to know why.  I went to my dressing room and returned with a bottle of Royal Elixer.  I said none of your products penetrates the skin as quick and as this one.  I put a couple of drops in the palm of her hand and asked her to try it on her arm.  She said we don’t have a skin cream like this one.  She still tried to convince me to try Mary K.  I said I won’t change what has worked so well for me for so many years.  I said I will never stop using Edna Sin Care.

Unfortunately, our friendship ended.