When women call in daily telling us how much younger their skin looks, how impressed  their friends are, how they have to get more immediately…  Well, we know the creams are to blame.

Edna’s products are made with the finest ingredients.  We never use synthetic.  Natural Lanolin and Beeswax are your body’s best defence against moisture-loss and aging.  Water is never our first ingredient because we don’t want to dilute the integral elements in our creams that will help boost your skins elasticity.  We don’t whip our creams, but we make sure each jar is filled to the brim which means you get more for your money.

In the cosmetics industry our competitors use every excuse to reduce the cost of their product ingredients while at the same time spending millions on marketing, TV ads, counter space in stores, and fancy jars.  They are always coming out with “New and Improved”. Does that mean it wasn’t very good in the first place?  But at Edna we’ve never had to improve products because they’ve always worked – and worked well!  We’re time tested.  We’ve used the same formulas since 1932.  Our proof doesn’t come from scientific studies we’ve paid for, instead we have testimonials from thousands of women of all ages who have beautiful skin, invisible pores and few wrinkles. Some of our customers have been using our products since the 1950′s and swear by it.  Most of our users had grandmothers who passed down Edna as a family beauty secret and now they’re sharing it with their daughters.

We keep our costs low by keeping our jars simple (who wants to pay more for the jar than what’s in it?) and selling directly to you, instead of paying for shelf space in Walmart or Macy’s.  In fact, if we decided to sell our Day Moisture Cream in a store like Macy’s the cost would be around $118 a jar.  That’s mark up for you.

No.  ‘Tis a gift to be simple.  And our gift to you is simply beautiful skin at affordable prices.  Share it with your friends.