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We’ve heard so many wonderful stories over the years from customers who have been able to heal their skin conditions using the Fran-J-Pani Oil.  We thought it was time to share a few.


Wayne’s wife had been a customer for many years.  In her medicine cabinet she always kept a bottle of Fran-J-Pani Oil for cuts, scrapes and burns.  She passed away a few years ago and the bottle sat untouched.   Then a few months ago Wayne developed a painful condition known mainly as dry outer ears.  His ears were painful, cracked, flaking and would bleed so badly that his pillow would even have blood streaked on it in the morning.   Desperate, he went through cupboard and found that bottle of Fran-J-Pani.  Wayne said that after applying it the pain decreased and after 3 days his ears were completely normal again!  He was so impressed that he called and ordered another bottle so he’d have more on hand.


Yes, THE Edna was deep fat frying some Chinese pot-stickers one day when she got a phone call.  While chatting she continued to drop and pull out the pot-stickers from the boiling oil, but at some point she forgot what she was doing and reached right into the hot oil with her right hand to pull out a crispy pot sticker.  Well, she dropped the phone and started yelling for her husband to bring her bottles of Fran-J-Pani Oil and ice.  He put ice in a large bowl and settled another bowl full of Fran-J-Pani Oil into it.  Edna put her fingers in the Fran-J-Pani and cried.  Her fingers were white and swollen, but she would not go to the Hospital.  She kept her fingers in Fra-J-Pani for most of the rest of the day and at night bandaged them with gauze soaked in Fran-J-Pani.  By the time she woke up the pain was gone and two days later when she was telling someone about it she couldn’t remember right away which hand she had burnt!  There was no scarring and no tissue damage!



Helen was camping in Canada.  She was walking around the campfire when she lost her balance and fell in!  Her leg was badly burnt and all the commotion brought everyone from the neighboring campsites to see what was going on.  One of our loyal customers was there and ran back to her site for her trusted bottle of Fran-J-Pani Oil.  They spread it over the burn and kept reapplying it over night and by the next morning it had healed rather well.  Helen couldn’t believe it didn’t even blister!  Needless to say Helen called us as soon as she got home to order some Fran-J-Pani Oil of her own.



Jan is a teacher in a Special Ed program.  One day the class was cooking and a boy ran a cheese grater over his finger. Ouch!   Jan  grabbed her Fran-J-Pani Oil out of her purse and put it on under the band-aid.  The next day when the boy came to school she noticed he wasn’t wearing the band-aid and told her that when he got home he took the band-aid off and his finger was just fine.



Rachel’s grandmother has been using Edna products for about 60 years now, but Rachel had never used much of the Edna line because she felt they were too oily for her acne-prone skin.  Even though she is now in her 30′s she was still battling acne.  One day her Grandmother told her, “Just put some Fran-J-Pani on it.  That stuff heals everything.”  And you know what?  It did!  Her skin is flawless.  She said she could see the difference in a week, and after about a month she didn’t have one pimple.  Sometimes with acne you need to lubricate the skin so it can do what it is supposed to do.

Fran-J-Pani Oil is a powerful healer.  You can apply it to any kind of injury and expect quick healing and no scarring.  I keep one in the kitchen (think about all the times you’ve burnt yourself in the kitchen) and one in the medicine cabinet for scrapes, cuts and cold sores!


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Update from Kathleen McDowell

Update from Kathleen McDowell


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