The below was written as an advertizement back when Fran-J-Pani was added to our product line in the 1940′s.  We thought it was fun to read the writing from back then and it gives a nice overview of what this flower is and why our originators, Gail and Dick, thought it was so important.

Fran-J-Pani Oil

Rare Polynesian Oil:  In the Islands, in spite of the intense rays of the sun, in the absence of clothing, the natives have the most beautiful skins of anyone in the world.  They are kept that way through the use of oils, extracted in their own fashion from flowers and roots of herbs.  The Fran-J-Pani oil is imported from the Islands and named for the flower symbolic of “everlasting life.”  The Fran-J-Pani flower drops from the tree while in full bloom and stays that way for days.  This the natives compare to the human birth.  The oil is used, not only for its cosmetic value, but for its healing qualities.  It has such high penetrative qualities it will even heal corns.  Fran-J-Pani oil is wonderful for the bath and body.  There is absolutely nothing on the market that can touch it for healing burns–known as the “Pink Magic” for healing burns–and it is all that can be desired as a baby oil.

Isn’t that adorable writing?  When Edna was visiting Singapore some years back she saw beautiful flowers dangling from the trees and asked her friend what they were.  She was told they were Frangpani flowers but even if they fell to the ground it was illegal to pick them up.   Edna says they smell wonderful.   Plumeria or Frangpani flowers are renowned for their healing abilities and also their sensual fragrance that is said to have a cleansing effect even on the internal organs when you breath in the sweet aroma.