Viola was born in 1895.  She was good at science and math and worked her way through college as a chemistry major by sweeping up in a beauty parlor.  As she cleaned up and listened to the customers conversations she realized there was a real need for quality skin care that actually worked.  The customers had powder and rouge to cover problem skin during the day and cold cream to remove it at night.  Maybe she could do better.

She studied how the skin functioned as an organ and set to work.   In the early 1920′s there really weren’t the kind of ingredients you would find in cosmetics today.  Everything was pretty simple:  Lanolin, Beeswax, Water, and pharmaceutical oils that won’t clog the pores.  She developed an entire line of creams, oils and lotions that work with the body to remove excess oils and grime from the pores and to hydrate the skin.    She began testing the products on friends and they all clamored for more.   Their faces were clearing up, their pores were shrinking, their skin felt fresh and youthful again.

Viola was a chemist, not an advertiser and didn’t quite know what to do with the products she was making, basically out of her kitchen.  That’s when she met Gail and Richard Engle…

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