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Many Customers want to know how to use Edna’s Lighting and Shading.  I recently came across this old Gail Richards (now EDNA)  pamphlet from 1969 that diagrams how to apply both the Lighting and Shading.   Even though times and vogues have changed we still apply the Lighting and Shading the same way as pictured in the diagram.  The idea is very simple.  You use lighting to accentuate anything you want to make appear larger and you use the shading to minimize features you wish were smaller.

Using the Lighting or Shading is just like applying Velvetone.  They are very forgiving and as long as you’re not slathering it on, it is not noticeable on the skin, but from across the room you’re face becomes very contoured.   It’s amazing the way light and dark play with the eyes.

I have used lighting around my eyes every day since I was about 15 and you’d never know it to look at me.  It gives you greater sun protection too, because it’s loaded with Titanium Dioxide.  I also use the Lighting and Shading daily to bring out my cheek bones and minimize my jaw bones.

Below the guide there are some other suggested uses for the creams.

To Accentuate your Eyes with Lighting use the spatula edge ring your eyes (like a raccoon) over the eyebrows and close under the eye then gently blend until it’s barely visible.  This makes your eyes look larger and younger.

To Highlight your Lips with Lighting blend a light layer on the upper lip and in the middle of your chin.  Blend in until a natural look occurs.

To Lengthen or Straighten your Nose with Lighting run the edge of the spatula down the ridge of your nose, starting at the bridge and ending just above the ball.  Blend in.

To Shorten a Long Nose with Shading blend a small amount just under the ball of the nose.

To Highlight Cheek bones with Lighting & Shading suck in your cheeks and notice where the hollows form.  Apply a small amount of shading just under the cheek bones and into where the natural hollows should fall.  Blend until a natural look occurs.  Then with the Lighting run a line along the ridge of the cheek bone (which should be the area right above where you applied your Shading) and blend this upwards.  Apply blush if desired.

To Diminish Jowls with Shading draw a line on the underside of the jaw line with your spatula.  Lightly blend the Shading back under your chin.  Blend until a natural look occurs.


This is a link to Lighting & Shading


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Update from Kathleen McDowell

Update from Kathleen McDowell


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