Jean K. from Hacienda Heights, California.    She is looking fabulous for 74.

Wouldn’t you agree?

To:  Edna Skin Care

This is the photo I promised to send you of myself.  Yes.  I’m 74 years old. Born 3/7/39.  Used Beauty Creators before it was bought out by Edna.  Continued to use the cleanser, toner, moisturizer, Night Creams (Hormone.)  the Basic Skin Care Regiment since I was in nursing school 1959 -> present.  I flew with the airlines (Pan Am) for 13 1/2 years and you know how skin care is so important at altitude. I have never slept with Make-up on. I’ll swear in a bible and God will be my witness.  I may take a nap or fall asleep on the sofa for a couple hours but never overnight.

As a girl I didn’t have an acne problem so I was luck.  I still work as an R.N. at Whittier Medical Center.

I started with Mich & Miya Kaeva, then Lenore Eiklor, then direct sales through you in Reno because Lenore was aging and messed up my orders.

Take Care.

Jean K.

P.S.   I don’t know why my left eye photographed that way.

So if you want to be fabulous like Jean, she orders and uses the following items:  Cleansing CreamSkin Freshener, Moisture Cream and Hormone Night Replenisher.