We’re always telling you, our creams are edible.

We got a call today from a woman, Sandy, who lives in Florida.   Her husband has cancer, and as a result of all the chemo and medications he is on has developed horrible sores in his mouth.  The doctors prescribed medications and ointments but nothing helped.  Sandy decided to try Eye Cream, and ta-da! the sores have healed and he said it was the only thing that helped with the pain!

Nothing in Edna’s products can ever hurt you, in fact all they can ever do is help you.  Isn’t that wonderful?   All of our ingredients are pulled straight from the healing earth.  This is why you can apply all of our creams, oils and masks right over the eyelids and lips.   Ok, if Skin Freshener gets in your eye it may sting a bit, but it certainly doesn’t require flushing with water or calling a doctor.  Just blink a few times.

All of our ingredients have stood the test of time.  If they didn’t we wouldn’t have customers constantly telling us that Edna’s products shrink pores, heal scars, speed up healing of cold-sores, ease pain and more.

We love customer stories.  We’re going to start posting more of them.   Or, if you’d like to tell us some of your experiences, leave a comment.