Dear Edna,

I’ve been using your product for about 4 years now. I love it! My friend, who used to be a model, Beverly C____ taught me all about Edna Skin Care products! I am grateful to her because my skin condition has greatly improved in the past 4 years!

Thank you!

Cher L.


Just a word on Cher L.  Her first order consisted of a Lipsilk Lip balm and a Magicream Body Lotion.  Pretty soon she had ordered Cleansing Cream & Skin Freshener and now she uses everything.  It’s easy to get addicted to Edna Products, because you keep seeing results.  We really mean it when we tell new customers that you will look better a week from now than you do today.  But they look askance at us when we say, ”You will look completely different one year from now.”   And even better, the results just keep coming.  By the time you hit that next reunion you will have the best skin in the room.

Think of it this way.  Every time you see a commercial for an skin care system you hear them say “new and improved.”  What was wrong with it in the beginning if they needed to improve it?  Our cream formulations have never changed.  You can’t improve them.   They work.  If the system didn’t work we wouldn’t still be selling the same creams 80+ years later.   We wouldn’t have any customers left.   Instead, we have customers who look so wonderful after having used the system for 40 or 50 years that their daughters and granddaughters now use Edna.

To see full results you really need the Basic 7.  If you use all 7 products daily you will be like Cher and raving about how they have changed your appearance.   After all, the Basic 7 only takes 5-minutes to apply at night and 5-minutes at night.  Isn’t your appearance worth 10-minutes?  To see what’s in the Basic 7 click here.