September 29


Lighting is a great way to conceal dark circles under the eyes.

There are so many television commercials showing products that will hide dark circles under the eye. If only they knew Edna has had the answer for years. Lighting!


  • Eliminates Dark Circles
  • Makes Eyes appear Bigger, Younger and more Awake
  • Draws attention away from problem facial features
  • Draws attention to the best facial features
  • Won’t fall or cake-up into lines or creases
  • Prevents Crow’s Feet when worn daily
  • Is a Sunblock that can be worn over the eyes

What is it?  Lighting is the same weight and texture as Velvetone Base Makeup.  It’s a very light liquid mineral makeup that will not fall into lines or creases and is made mostly of titanium dioxide – a very white and reflective mineral.   When you apply this liquid over the dark circles under your eyes you are actually creating an optical illusion.  If you are looking at yourself in the magnifying mirror, you might not notice much of a difference, but step a foot away from the mirror and suddenly your dark circles have vanished.   How does Lighting do it?  The ambient light in the room reflects off of the titanium dioxide and creates the illusion of whiter skin.   Eyes are naturally drawn to the lightest part of a face.

Lighting was actually conceived to draw attention away from unwanted features.  For example, you might have a large nose and wish others would notice your beautiful lips instead?  No problem.  Simply apply Lighting to the upper lip and the middle of your chin.  Suddenly other people’s eyes are drawn to the lightest part of your face – the skin around your beautiful lips.

If you want to highlight and brighten your eyes as your best feature you should ring your eyes in Lighting, meaning like a raccoon.  I take the paddle in the jar and run it in an oval – above the eyebrow around the outer edge, under the eye and then up the inner eye to connect to the top of the oval and then do the same to the other eye.  I gently massage it in and step back to check it out.  When you step back you will notice that your eyes look larger, wider, more awake and younger.  Another great reason to use Lighting around the eyes is that it’s a powerful sunblock.  We know that sun ages the skin, yet most commercial sunblock cannot be used over the eyes.  If you are looking to minimize or prevent crow’s feet you need to get the sunlight off of the skin around the eyes.

How wonderful can a product get?  It diminishes problems and prevents future ones.  I love to show people this amazing product when they come into the shop.  Maybe we’ll see you soon.  Ask about Lighting!


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Update from Kathleen McDowell

Update from Kathleen McDowell


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