A night cream is an essential skin care basic for anyone who is looking to turn back the clock.

The skin is your largest organ and yet look at how it’s been mistreated! Sunburns, windburns, (maybe a few rug burns), scars, cuts, or acne scars. Skin shelters us from a lifetime of extremes; wind and cold, sun and heat, humidity and dry. When we look in the mirror we should do so with pride acknowledging all the comfort and safety our skin has provided for us. And yet, most of us do not smile at our beautiful faces in the mirror. Most of us grimace, and then we start to pull and tug skin back to where we remember it being when we were 21. I promise, you ARE beautiful the way you are right now. However, if you’re feeling a bit weathered, you should consider adding a Night Cream.

Wrinkles and lines are caused mostly by dehydration. Night Creams lock moisture into the skin overnight when dehydration could otherwise cause a hindrance to the repair process. Like all of your organs, the skin uses your nightly repose as a time to repair itself. If your skin does not have enough moisture to replenish it into the skin cells healing stops and wrinkling begins.

Edna’s Night Creams hydrate all three layers of your skin and are time-proven to win the battle against wrinkling. Edna’s Night Creams also contain intense skin softeners plus extra ingredients to supply your skin with time-proven nutrients which will help battle back the lines and wrinkles.

Hormone Night Replenisher contains added estrogen to the collagen layer with Mexican Yam and Soy to re-firm the skin.

Special Night Facial contains botanical extracts and essential oils to boost skins resilience.

Overnight Cream and Nite Facial promote skin flexibility.

Most of our new customers call in with one question, “What have you got for wrinkles?” We have night creams! And may we also suggest 8-10 hours of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and taking an essential fatty acid supplement. Your skin will thank you in the morning!

Pleasant Dreams…