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Franjpani Oil

(8 customer reviews)


This precious Polynesian oil is a superior healer for burns and skin abrasions, fights infections, and softens the skin at the same time.  Reach for this wonder oil as a natural cure-all for the skin.

This precious Polynesian oil is a superior healer for burns and skin abrasions, fights infections, and softens the skin at the same time. Reach for this wonder oil as a natural cure-all for the skin.

The enchanting scent radiating from the Polynesian tropics blossoms out of beautiful pink franjipani flowers. Who knew that the “jewel of the South Pacific” also contained unmatched healing qualities for the skin? Edna’s amazingly versatile Fran-J-pani Oil has been used by generations to rapidly heal and soothe scraped knees, pimples, scarring, and even burns!

To minimize the scarring after surgery, begin applying Fran-J-Pani immediately after the surgical bandages come off. Keep one bottle in the kitchen for instant relief from burns and one next to the bandaids for all other family emergencies!

This tropical cure-all is a must-have for every home!

1 oz.


Weight 1 oz

Pressed Franjpani Oil

8 reviews for Franjpani Oil

  1. Susan H.

    Definitely get the Franjpani!

    Several weeks ago I ordered these items from your website after receiving some samples in the mail. I am so pleased with the results, I wish I would have taken a “before” photo! I HAD horrible red angry patches and blisters on my face as a result of chemo over the last year. I spent hundreds of dollars on products, none of which ever worked. When I received the Franjpani soap and Franjpani oil, I put away every other product and only used those 2 items on my face. Within 3 days, all the red patches and blisters on my face were gone! I haven’t been able to go out without full coverage makeup for months, until now! I can’t thank you enough for the quality of products you offer. Edna skin care is now my new best friend! I can’t wait to order more items in the near future!

  2. Lynn

    Magic Stuff

    I was given a bottle of this from a friend because I got shingles and the pain is just horrific, but this oil STOPPED THE PAIN and actually healed up the red bumpy outbreak. I’m impressed and buying some myself. I think the other comment is right on. Is this stuff magic?

  3. Jan

    My grandson approves

    My grandson had a scratch on his hand that he was crying about and I said, “Bring me my purse. I have some magic stuff in there.” I put some Fran-j-Pani on his hand and later again at bed time. I just got a text from my daughter that reads, “William just said, ‘Mommy! That magic stuff that Nana has is making my owie smaller!! I didn’t know she had magic like that!?!?’”

  4. Wayne

    I’m glad I kept my wife’s old Fran-j-pani oil.

    I am 84. My wife was a customer for a long time before she passed away and she always kept Fran-j-pani in the cabinet for cuts. For some reason my ears got really dry and cracked. I would wake up at night scratching them and there would be blood on the pillow, but the Fran-j-pani healed it. It’s like a miracle. My ears are normal again. Thank you. I’m ordering more now.

  5. Judy in Utah

    Try Fran-j-pani for eczema

    Our families been using Edna products for 40 yrs. Everybody thinks we’re much younger than we are. My 15 yr. old daughter loves the skin care system and recently shared the Fran-J-Pani with her friend who has tried many products for her eczema, nothing seemed to work for her. But, this is her miracle oil. She loves it!

  6. Sarah

    Wonderful for burns

    A little while ago I was straining a homemade broth that had been simmering for days when my grip slipped and the excruciatingly hot broth poured over my hand. I treated the burn and applied frangipani oil. To make a long story short, I applied frangipani oil regularly to the severe burn and my hand healed completely in about two weeks. There is barely a mark. Frangipani oil is amazing.

  7. Sandra Kruger

    This product is wonderful!!
    I first used it after I severely burned the palm of my hand on a hot pan handle (immediate blistering). After soaking my hand in the oil and wrapping it up overnight, all blistering was gone in the morning, and there was no long term scaring.
    Most recently my daughter burned her l mouth and lip. We’ve been using the oil daily as needed to keep the burn from drying out and cracking. I am so impressed with how quickly it is healing.

  8. Martha (verified owner)

    Ordered this based on reviews, but didn’t expect the results that happened. I had what looked like a squamous cell spot on my leg, just on top of my shin. I have had many of these, and I knew I needed to get to Dermo where they would biopsy, then I would return for removal. Been down this road many times. Problem was I was in the middle of a nightmare from a broken femur and an upcoming knee replacement, and I could not get to demo, and I was worried knee surgeon would balk if I showed up for surgery with a wound from removal of squamous that was not completely healed. So, despite how large, raised and angry this area looked, and how it seemed to get larger each day, I decided to try this oil on the area. I applied the oil several times a day for two days, honestly expecting nothing. Wrong. After two days, the redness around the area was 50% better. That got my attention, and I began to apply it four to five times a day. It continued to improve. The raised area seemed to “deflate”. Even a doubter friend, who kept urging me to get to doctor, admitted after ten days it “looked better”. I continued to use it religiously, and the improvement continued. At some point within the next eight weeks I realized the spot was hard to find on my leg! By the time I had knee replacement surgery it was completely gone. I have researched info on this oil, as I guess I am just the doubter type, and all I can find is the fact that it has anti inflammatory properties. I give up. I don’t care why or how it works. I am ordering more, do not want to be without it, and will be sharing it with my “doubter friend”!

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