We’re always telling customers to use Vitamin E Oil for everything.  Firming your skin, fading old scars and stretch marks, eliminating age spots, strengthening hair and nails and even quieting tinnitus ringing!  Here are some facts from recent studies to back up why…

Dr. Evan Shute wrote, ” No substance known to medicine has such a variety of healing properties as E”


Absorbability  – Vitamin E absorbs into the skin.  Many skin creams sit topically or don’t penetrate further than the first layer of skin, but Vitamin E does.  It slides right down the hair follicle shaft into the skin.   From there it is picked up by small blood vessels.  This all happens within 6-24 hours after you apply it.

Strengthener – Vitamin E has the ability to strengthen collagen and elastin.  E actually wraps itself around the cells.  When used regularly  it produces a tightening effect in the skin.   This makes Vitamin E the perfect tool to roll back the years and hold off further aging.

Protection – Vitamin E  protects the cell membranes and cell structures of all body tissues from oxidation.  This anti-oxidant effect keeps the cells from deteriorating and keeps them functioning at optimum levels.  It also keeps the skin’s oil glands (sebum glands) working properly which reduces the chances of them clogging and causing blackheads, whiteheads or pimples.

Better Circulation – Women who participated in a study that had them apply Vitamin E Oil directly to the skin found that after several weeks they had a “warm, rosy glow.”  Because Vitamin E is absorbed directly  into the blood vessels they open wider and are able to absorb and carry more oxygen and nutrition to the skin.  Also the blood vessels were able to carry away more waste.  Nutrient absorption and waste removal plays a key roll in the aging process.  If the cells normal capacity is increased the skin looks and acts younger longer.

Sun Damage – Applying Vitamin E to a sunburn will dramatically cut the pain and reduce peeling and blistering. When you have a sunburn your body reacts as if it has an infection and actually quarantines the damaged skin and the layer of skin beneath it.  Vitamin E is a natural antibiotic.  E also increases circulation which prevents the burn from moving deeper and causing more damage.   E will also help to remove the toxic waste produced by damaged cells, therefore speeding up healing.


Each bottle of Edna Skin Care’s Vitamin E Oil has 10,000 IU per ounce.   This is an intense dose that will create dramatic effects.  We have seen scars and stretch marks magically disappear.  We’ve watched dark spots disappear over 2-3 months.  We’ve seen severe cold sores heal and disappear within 2 days.  We have had a handful of customers call in to tell us that they put it in their ears and the tinnitus ringing has stopped.  And we can tell who uses the E nightly because their skin is firmer, especially around the eyes.

You need to use a cosmetic grade Vitamin E for best results.  As a word of caution:  We have had several customers come in and tell us that they had previously used capsules that they bought from the Vitamin isle in the grocery store and had used a pin to puncture the cap and then applied it to the skin, but after a while tiny white bumps appeared.   This happens because the pores are clogging.  Please don’t do that.



Face:  Use it nightly, after cleaning, before night cream.  Why only at night?  At this concentration it can cause pigment lightening if you expose treated skin to sunlight.  However, if you are trying to lighten a dark spot use the E during the day, but only on the spot.

Nails: Use it on the nail beds to grow stronger, healthier nails.

Hair:  E is perfect for strengthening dry, brittle or damaged hair.   Apply a few drops to your palms, rub together and run through the hair and apply to the scalp before washing.

Scars & Stretch Marks:  Use it nightly for 2-3 months and watch as the scars fade to nothing.

Tinnitus Ringing:   Put one to two drops in your ear canal as needed.


Vitamin E Oil