I have used Edna products for 51 years. (The name of the product originally was called Beauty Creators, and then there was another name change–don’t remember [Gail Richards].) Having a “natural look”–not looking “made-up” is what I like; however, I believe that Edna’s products keep my skin healthy–which is more important. People comment on what nice skin I have–and those are wonderful compliments–especially for a woman of my age. I am 74. In addition, I love your new web-site–very friendly to use–and make selections easier.

Thank you.

Joan C. in San Jose


This is yet another example of how consistent use of these products really does slow the aging process.  I think the studies and experiments other skin care companies run to show how their latest “new and improved” cream is better are silly.  We’ve been conducting the longest running skin care experiment since 1932. We’ve never changed our formulas or ingredients.   The results?  Every one one of us looks 20 years younger than our peers!

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