We love generational stories.

Many of our customers have Grandmothers or Aunts who have been using these creams since the 1960′s.  We recently received an order from the granddaughter of a long time user.   She attached a photo of her Grandmother so we could see what 40 years of continuous EDNA use could do to a person.

Apparently it makes us GEORGOUS!

Kathleen McDowell is 81 years young.

Her granddaughter Jennifer wrote us:

“Gram said you are welcome to use her photo for your website as she has used your skin care for forty years.  Gram was delighted and very much surprised that you would find her beautiful…I, on the other hand, know she’s beautiful. Not only on the outside, but Gram continues to be my role model for skin care and living a life that is true to self and to God.  This lady is a very special woman to our family – and forever to me.   BTW – my grandmother is 81. She’s used Edna, formerly Gail Richard since she was my age – 40.   I’ve attached her photo…WITHOUT MAKE UP.”

Thank you, Jennifer. We would love to receive more photos and emails from customers.  Be famous. write to us at admin@ednaskincare.com