Edna has many night creams.  Some are called Creams and some are called Facials.

You can use either as a regular night cream before bed by applying them to clean skin, but if you have one of Edna’s Facials you will want to take 5 minutes to create extraordinarily youthful, soft smooth skin by using the following method.


Instructions for a Home Facial:

Step 1. Heat up your skin.

Either cleanse the face and neck with Cleansing Cream and then really take your time removing it with a Hot wet towel or heat a wet towel in the microwave until it is very warm and place it over the face for one minute.  This opens the pores and will allow the cream to enter the skin better.


Step 2. Apply the cream and massage into face and neck.

Take 2-3 minutes to do this.  You should work the skin in small circles with the tips of your fingers from the outside edges of your face toward the nose, and then from your neck to your forehead.  Always apply creams in an upward direction – gravity pulls you down all day, push up for a few minutes!


Step 3. Reheat the skin. 

Reheat the wet towel and lay it over the freshly massaged face for another minute to fully saturate all three layers of the skin.  Follow this by applying Skin Freshener to close your pores.


Think you’re soft now?  Touch your face tomorrow morning and start celebrating your new skin! Do as many facials as you’d like each week.

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